Public school, college and university libraries in Indonesia need books to meet the objective of educational development. Quality books, journals and other educational material are often too difficult or costly to obtain in Indonesia. To help with this problem a group of volunteers founded a non-profit organization, the California-Indonesia Educational Foundation (CALINDEF).

The foundation is founded by Peter Ananda. Born in Borneo in 1926, Peter spent his early years in Indonesia. He fought for Indonesia’s independence agaginst the Dutch during the revolution. He cam to the U.S. in 1950, resumed his studies at night, while working for the Indonesian Consulate during the day. In 1961 he graduated from San Francisco State with BSC and a M.L.S. degree from U.C. Berkeley. He started working at the Southeast Asia Library/U.S. Berkeley in 1968 and retired as head in 1991.

Although Peter is gone now , his love and devotion to education and the Indonesian people live on through CALINDEF.

All persons with an interest in educational development in Indonesia are invited to join CALINDEF as donor with a tax deductible annual donationof $ 10.00 or more.

CALINDEF, founded in 1987, is a nonprofit organization as defined in section (501)c(3) of the Internal Revenue Codes. Contribution such as money , books, journals , property, out of pocket expenses are deductible from gross income for federal income tax purposes.

Please send donations to : CALINDEF, 2650 Ryan Road, Concord, CA 94518,

510 682 5563, or fax 510 682 5538