What            :    Indonesian Children Summer Camp (K-5 grade) 
When            :    Saturday, 18 August 2007
What Time        :    9.00 AM – 3 PM
Where            :    –    In Door Program (By Reservation only)
                        Church Street Social Hall (9.00 AM – 1.30 PM)
                        1 Church Street @ Duboce Street
                        San Francisco, CA 94114
                    –    Out-door Program (Lomba ala Agustusan)
                        Alamo Square (1.30 – 3 PM)
                        San Francisco
Map                :    http://maps. google.com/ maps?q=alamo+ square&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla: en-US:official&client=firefox- a&um=1&sa=N&tab=wl
Contact            :    –    E-mail : info@kabarinews. com
                    –    Vonny Oei (415-533-2696)
                    –    Peter Phwan (415-812-2414)
Important Note     :    –    Free Event and Space is very limited.
                    –    Reservation is required. Early reservation is recommended to space the space. Registration Deadline is Friday, August 17, 2007.   
                    –    Parental/Guardian presence (1 person) is required !
                    –    This fun event is made possible with the courtesy of Kabari Magazine (Kabarinews. com)
                    –    It is also supported with Indonesian Art Pieces from Indonesian Art Shops in San Francisco Bay Area :
                        –    Gecko Gecko, San Francisco, CA – Amron Paul Yuwono (geckogecko. biz)
                        –    LV Import, Sunnyvale, CA- Vonny & Lance Jones (lv-imports. net)
                        –    Desa Art Gallery Oakland – I Made Moja (www.desaarts. com)

Indonesian Children Summer Camp Programs
first ever indonesian kids summer camp by fellow indonesians
9.00        Parents/ Guardian drop the kids to the Social Hall. Snack time for kids. Indonesian Bamboo Music (Angklung) and some other             Indonesian musics and songs are played.

09.30    Indonesian Kids Summer Camp Introduction by Peter Phwan
        So your parent is Indonesian, huh ? Ooops … Where is Indonesia, anyway?  Show it to me on world map! Can you take Muni or BART to         Indonesia? Can you speak Bahasa Indonesia? Well, if you travel to Indonesia, can you say some important Indonesian words in case of         emergency? What are indigenous animals from Indonesia?  What Indonesian food do you like? Can you sing at least one Indonesian         song? If you remember Mr Roger’s neighborhood television program, here is a Mr Peter’s neighborhood session. Move on …

10.00    Indonesian Mask Dance  101 by Amron Paul Yuwono (Tari Topeng)
        The secret is on the mask ! Amron, some called him Paul, is Indonesian artist living in San Francisco and he owns Gecko Gecko Art
        Shop and th founder of Yogya Dusun Village Inn (www.jvdusun. co.id). He is native Yogyakarta and seasoned Indonesian dancer. He is         also a friend of Didik Nini Towok, the legendary mask dancer from Indonesia. Amron will reveal  the secret of this interesting style of         Indonesian dance through this short demo.

        The short dance session will be followed by Indonesian Mask Making Project. Papers, Scissors, Glues, Coloring are provided.

11.oo        What is Wayang Golek? Introduction to Indonesian Sundanese Puppet presented by Lance Jones
        Wayang Golek is traditional form of puppetry from Sunda, West Java, Indonesia. It is not like shadow puppet. Since this is made of out         of wood, the puppeteer does not need screen to perform it. Wayang golek is accessorized with colorful costumes and exotic forms
        and have moveable arms and head. Lance, an American man who fell in love with the wayang golek, will introduce some important
        characters of the story. The wayang golek story is usually based on Ramayana Indian old epic. You know what ? Lance Jones is one of
        biggest supplier of wayang golek in United States and befriended with Asep Sunarya, the most popular wayang golek puppet master
        from West Java, Indonesia.

12.00    Indonesian Traditional Games in America ??? This session is presented by Vonny Oei
        Remembering her own girlhood back in Indonesia, Vonny Oei admitted that she is bekkelen ball enthusiast. Say what? Bekkellen is
        basically Dutch word to call some "little brass jacks" in ball game playing amongst Indonesian young girls. Vonny will demo this
        bekel ball playing herself. Together with this presentation, Vonny show the kids the Indonesian dakon playing. This is alco called             mancala in the USA. And last but not least, other docent will show the kids Indonesian gasing (the spinning bamboo/ wood) for boys.
        No matter what, any kid should be able to start playing games by performing hand signs (Ant, People, Elephant) signs. Like paper,             scissor and stone, who knows that Indonesian hand signs may be performed in ESPN, American Sport Channel,  someday ?

01.00    Quicky Lunch is provided with the courtesy of Kabari Magazine

01.30    Heading to Alamo Square (Walking about 15 minutes)
        Alamo Square is right in front of famous Victorian Buildings in San Francisco. This park provides ample grassy playing field, as well
        as brand new play structure for small and big kids. From this hilly park, you may see the skyscrapers of San Francisco, city by the bay.

        Indonesian parents and families may come directly to this public park to relax. Remember to bring your OWN food and drinks, mat         and sun block and sunglasses.

02.00    Set, ready, go …. Do it like Indonesians … Agustusan Way
        Balap Karung (Sack Race), Lomba Makan Krupuk (White Cracker Race) and Tarik Tambang (Tug of War)

03.00    Gelang Sipaku Gelang (See you again next Summer)

Let us have Fun together