Four Life Stories Travel Transvestite Makassar

Indonesia is a country which has the largest Muslim population. However, Indonesia is a country where many people run their lives openly transgender. Documentary film titled The Tales of the transvestites, the United States by director named Kathy Huang, follows the story of the lives of four transvestites who live in the city of Makassar. The story of their lives sometimes seem funny and entertaining, but also occasionally feel sad. The Tales of the world reveals Transvestites transgender community, how their day-to-day running of his life as a transsexual but with nature as Muslim men. In addition, this film also shows how the complexity of finding and running the love story of the transgendered.

While transgender community around the world forgotten, discriminated, or even often one portrayed in the media, documentary film of The Tales of The Transvestite in close and intimate, exposing the four transvestites in dealing with social issues such as family relationships, religion, economics, and love. Although Islam in Indonesia has a high tolerance to the transsexual to run their lives openly, without receiving a wide range of physical threats, but the transgender community still face difficulties in order to run a normal life, just like ordinary people.

Documentary of The Tales of The Transvestite interwoven lives of four transgender stories that each deal with different trials and challenges, in terms of looking for love. Suharni relationship with his girlfriend looks beautiful, but the fact they were given a tough test, when Suharni should be moved to Bali in search of jobs that make money is greater. Ria Mummy, “Elders” transgender community, fought hard to preserve its relationship with a policeman, which he establishes for 18 years. Word, a former drag queen who eventually married and had two daughters, living a simple life as a barber. But often the word daydream about his past, where he has long hair and dancing with men. And the guide film, Tiara, a glamorous and transvestites who worked as an entertainer at a club, secretly saving the wounded heart.

Film documentary by Kathy Huang is disyut for several years. During that period that the film crew to follow the path of life is four transvestites. The Tales of The Transvestite provides access and peering up close and personal lives of transgender community lifestyle, which of course has a high-risk and consequences, but still dare to live a life that is different from the norm. By following the journey of their personal life, perception, inspiration, and ideas about love, gender, and Islam has changed.

Movies Documentary The Tales of The Transvestite is the only film that permeates the screen San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, CE 2011. Fortunately Share get a chance to interview one of its star and director Mbak Tiara Kathy Huang. Watch on YouTube Kabarinews.
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