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Summer Hits and Tips

Ah, summertime! School is out and aside from sunny beaches and fabulous vacations, summer reigns as the season for the most anticipated action or comedy movie of the year. Get ready for superheroes, adventure, and hysterical laughter. Here are upcoming movies that are worth watching on the big screen:You don’t mess with the Zohan (June 6)Adam Sandler is Zohan, an elite Israeli soldier with big dreams of becoming a New York hairstylist. Unable to leave freely, he fakes his own death.Success in th...

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A Mother’s Legacy: Guide and Turn

By Jackie OeiIt was a hot, more-than-the-usual-humid day as I sat beside my Great-Aunt Lily in air-conditioned comfort inside her central Jakarta apartment. It was a perfect time for reconnecting with my great-aunt since we were also visiting my cousin,who was busy preparing for a trip to the United States. Learning all about my Indonesian “roots” during my yearly sojourns to Indonesia is important so I can relate to my East-West lifestyle, otherwise known asmy “American-yet-Indonesian” psyche.G...

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Wii Fit, We Like

By Jackie Oei I applaud anyone and everyone who exercise regularly. I, for one, will need to exclude myself from this health-conscious and energetic group of people. My personal attempt at any form of workout is often short-lived and inconsistent. Maybe it’s the hefty price tag of gym memberships or the unpredictable San Francisco weather. Whatever thereason, fitness training is something I know I should do yet I seem to avoid it all costs. Luckily, the geniuses at Nintendo have created a...

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